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Services & Pricing

Monthly "Boat Watch" maintenance & service:

-Boat wash once a month

-Visual Check bi-weekly

*Dock lines

*Water intrusion

*Canvas and cushions

-Once a month bring motors up to temperature

-Once a month system check

-Check list completed sent to customer with pictures via email

Monthly Cost: $15 per foot (e.g. 21 foot boat = $315 monthly)

*Up to 40' boat

Additional Boat Services

- Wash $6 per foot

- Wax $21 per foot

- Compound/Wet Sand (Price on assessment)

- Gel coat repair (Price on assessment)

- Fuel Run $200 (Plus the cost of fuel) - $75hr per additional hour

- Boat Delivery  $200 (Plus any travel expenses) - $75hr per additional hour

- Start motors/generator $50

- Simple fix (Lights, pumps, replacing dock lines or fenders) Flat fee pending job plus parts

- Storm Check $100 (Assessment of any damages and report sent with pictures)

Get out on the water!

*Departing Package (2 day notice) $150 plus provisions add 15%

-Remove canvas & install cushions


-Drinks (Water, soda, juice, alcohol) *Alcohol purchases require ID and waiver signed.

-Food (Publix shopping)(Custom Orders)


*Returning Package (Day after) $300


-Flush motors

-Remove Trash

-Install canvas & remove cushions

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